Cisco Ironport WSA (Web Security Appliance)


Cisco Ironport WSA (Web Security Appliance)

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Many Enterprises/Organizations are using this Appliance in their Infrastructure and Data-Center’s to enhance the Network Security. Cisco Ironport WSA (Web Security Appliance) is considered as a most secure Proxy in Security perimeter Domain..

Securing Your Web with Cisco IronPort Web Security Appliance (WSA)

Table of Content – 3 Days


  • Course and Company background

Product and Malware Overview

  • Key Features
  • Malware Threats

Web Proxy, Caching and HTTPS Inspection

  • Web Proxy Overview
  • Proxy vs L4TM
  • Available Proxy Services
  • Hopw Policies are assigned
  • Configure and Debug Proxy
  • HTTPS Overview
  • Configuring the HTTPS Proxy Service

Web Reputation Filtering

  • WBRS Overview
  • Updates


  • DVS Overview
  • Webroot Overview
  • McAfee Scanning Overview
  • Working with Webroot and McAfee


  • Authentication Overview
  • Configuring andTesting

Web Security Manager

  • Access Control Overview
  • L4TM Policies
  • Configuring Web Security Manager
  • Configuring the HTTPS Proxy Service
  • Use Case Scenarios

System Administration

  • Reports
  • System Administration


  • Ports and Tools
  • Logs
  • Alerts
  • CLI ( Command Line Interface)
  • SNMP
  • Monitoring

Other Deployment Scenarios

  • Transparent Proxy Mode
  • Deployment Life Cycle
  • Multi-Appliance Deployment