AWS Certified Security

The AWS Certified Security – Specialty is intended for individuals who perform a security role with at least two years of hands-on experience securing AWS workloads.

Course Objectives
In this course, you will learn how to:

• Assimilate and leverage the AWS shared security responsibility model
• Architect and build AWS application infrastructures that are protected against the most common security threats
• Protect data at rest and in transit with encryption
• Apply security checks and analyses in an automated and reproducible manner

• Configure authentication for resources and applications in the AWS Cloud
• Gain insight into events by capturing, monitoring, processing, and analyzing logs
• Identify and mitigate incoming threats against applications and data
• Perform security assessments to ensure that common vulnerabilities are patched and security best practices are applied

Duration: 3 days
This course covers the following concepts:

Day 1

• Entry points on AWS
• Security considerations for Web Application environments
• Securing network communications inside the Amazon VPC
• Application security with incident response

Day 2

• Data security with incident response
• Security considerations for a hybrid environment
• AWS monitoring and log collecting
• Processing logs on AWS
• Protecting against threats outside of the Amazon VPC

Day 3

• Account management on AWS
• Security considerations for a serverless environment
• Secrets management on AWS
• Automating security and incident response on AWS
• Threat detection and sensitive data monitoring