AZ-100 Microsoft Azure Infrastructure and Deployment

Microsoft Azure is a clear leader in enterprise cloud and now the fastest growing cloud platform. This course will teach you how to become an Azure Administrator and prepare for the AZ-100 certification exam.

Course AZ-100T01-A: Manage Subscriptions and

Module 1

Managing Azure Subscriptions

• Overview of Azure Subscriptions
• Billing
• Azure Policy

Module 2

Access Management for Cloud Resources

• Azure Users and Groups
• Role-based Access Control


Module 3

Monitoring and Diagnostics

• Exploring Monitoring Capabilities in Azure
• Azure Alerts
• Azure Activity Log

Module 4

Log Analytics

• Introduction to Log Analytics
• Querying and Analyzing Log Analytics Data


Module 5

Azure Resource Manager

• ARM templates
• Resource Groups

Module 6

Azure Tips, Tricks, and Tools

• Azure Portal
• Azure Tools and Environment