AZ-100T02-A: Implementing and Managing Storage

This course teaches IT Professionals how to implement Azure storage solutions for a variety of scenarios. Students learn about the different storage accounts and services as well as basic data replication concepts and available replication schemes. Students are also introduced to Storage Explorer as a convenient way to work with Azure storage data. Students also learn the types of storage and how to work with managed and custom disks.


Module 1

Overview of Azure Storage

• Azure storage accounts
• Data replication
• Azure Storage Explorer


Module 2

Storage Services

• Virtual machine storage
• Blob storage
• Azure files
• Structured storage

Module 3

Securing and Managing Storage

• Azure backup
• Azure File Sync

Module 4

Storing and Accessing Data

• Azure Content Delivery Network
• Import and Export service

Module 5

Monitoring Storage

• Metrics and Alerts
• Activity Log