Deploying and Managing Virtual Machines

AZ-100T03-A: Deploying and Managing Virtual Machines

This course teaches IT Professionals how to create and manage virtual machines as part of an Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS for virtual machine readiness in preparation for moving resources to the cloud, including sizing, pricing, and design considerations) computing infrastructure. Students learn how to assess their on-premises environment


Module 1

Overview of Azure Machines

• Azure Virtual Machines Overview
• Planning Considerations



Module 2

Creating Virtual Machines

• Overview of the Virtual Machine Creation Overview
• Creating Virtual Machines in the Azure Portal
• Creating Virtual Machines (PowerShell)
• Creating Virtual Machines using ARM Templates

Module 3

Deploying Virtual Machine Images

• Deploying Custom Images
• Deploying Linux Virtual Machines



Module 4

Configuring Virtual Machines

• Overview of Virtual Machine Configuration
• Virtual Machine Networking
• Virtual Machine Storage


Module 5

Configuring Availability and Extensibility

• Virtual Machine Availability
• Virtual Machine Scalability
• Applying Virtual Machine Extensions

Module 6

Managing and Monitoring Virtual Machines

• Backup and Restore
• Monitoring Virtual Machines