SecureSphere Administration and Web Application Firewall Administration. SecureSphere Administration is delivered during the first two days of class and focuses on the core knowledge required for day-to-day administration of any SecureSphere deployment. The Web Application Firewall section builds on the Admin foundation for 2 additional days of in-depth training on WAF functionality.

Imperva 4 Days Course

1.SecureSphere Administration
2.Introduction to SecureSphere
3.Modeling the Protected Datacenter
5.Introduction to Policies
6.Archiving and Notification Actions
7.Alerts and Monitoring

10.Web Application Firewall:
12.Web Dynamic Profiling
13.Advanced Web Policies
15.External Integration with WAF

SecureSphere WAF can easily integrates with most of the leading Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) systems such as Splunk, ArcSight, RSA enVision and others. SecureSphere WAF exports events as syslog messages in Common Event Format (CEF) and JSON format. SecureSphere WAF events in any SIEM are intuitively indexed and are easily searchable for quick incident response.