The Infoblox training is an instructor-led course on Infoblox products and services that builds a functioning knowledge of configure and manage Infoblox network appliances. It includes system & protocol level monitoring, network and zone creation, DNS Anycast, Forward and reverse mapping zones, grid management, fixed addresses, etc. AP learning is an IT security and networking academy offers Infoblox Training. Our technical skills are inspired by our passion to share our expertise. We believe that a trainer’s job is a foremost question of passion above and beyond technical skills. We offer a friendly and interactive environment during training so that everyone can get their questions discussed and resolved. Our trainers supplement their coaching directly from their long experience in the field. Additionally, all of our trainers acquire their expertise from real-world situations with hands-on technical experience. AP learning offers a solid foundation of product knowledge and skills to implement Infoblox successfully. Our learning techniques have an ability to boost an applicant’s capability, learning style and accomplishments. You will gain excellent skills from our brilliant trainers. Their vast experience and knowledge can help you to boost your cognition and proficiency.
Several people across the globe have already taken our training and today, they got several achievements in their professional life. We always use unique training methods so that people can achieve their goals and can get excellence in their life. In short, you will gain tremendous business potential from AP learning. Our certified team is committed to working as a whole to sustain your requirements.

Infoblox NIOS Configuration Class (NCC) 3 – Day Course


  • Module 1: Administration Authentication
  • Module 2: Advanced DHCP Options
  • Module 3: TSIG and GSS-TSIG
  • Module 4: Dynamic DNS
  • Module 5: DNSSEC
  • Module 6: DNS Anycast
  • Module 7: Views
  • Module 8: DHCP Failover
  • Module 9: Best Practices
  • LABs



Infoblox Advanced Administration Class (AAC) 2 – Days Course
  • Module 1 – Product Overview
  • Module 2 – GUI Overview
  • Module 3 – IPAM and Extensible Attributes
  • Module 4 – NIOS Administration
  • Module 5 – File Distribution
  • Module 6 – Administrator Accounts
  • Module 7 – High Availability
  • Module 8 – Grid Architecture
  • Module 9 – DNS Zone
  • Module 10 – Data Import Wizard
  • Module 11 – DNS Records
  • Module 12 – DHCP Network Configuration
  • Module 13 – DHCP Options
  • Module 14 – DHCP Templates
  • Module 15 – Network Discovery