Solarwind training is typically 3 days training of the product. Additional time should be allocated in the event significant creation of custom views, maps, reports, alerts or device pollers is required. The time allocated to each section will vary depending on the needs or level of customization desired for a given client SolarWinds Comprehensive Training 4 Days.

Day 1
  • Introductions
  • Installation of Orion NPM
  • SNMP, MIBs, OIDs
  • Network Discovery & Node Management
  • Web Server Configuration, Charts, Network Atlas, Accounts and Views
  • Custom properties, Groups and Dependencies
Day 2
  • Universal Device Pollers, Alerting & Reporting
  • Tuning & Maintaining Orion
Day 3
    • NetFlow Traffic Analyzer
    • Server & Application Monitor (incl. WMI)
    • Web Performance Monitor
Day 4
    • Introduce SAM
    • Manage Node
    • LABs