Steelhead Riverbed WAN OPtimizer product is leader in WAN Optimization, Steelhead Riverbed oriented course would provide you the knowledge on WAN Optimiser which would help to know in and out of WAN Optimization. Many Enterprises has added this WAN Optimizer in their Infrastructure and Data-Center’s to enhance the WAN performance. Steelhead Riverbed has very High ROI that is why it is a very successful WAN Optimizer in Enterprises and offices. We at APLearnings provide you instructor-led (ILT), Virtual and Online class training courses that attribute a comprehensive theory lectures, hands-on Lab and optimization experience within the Steelhead Riverbed. Our Trainers are well experienced in the product and they have a vast range of knowledge on the product and course. We are flexible to customise the course as per your requirement also.

WAN200 Optimization Essentials 5-Days Course:

This is a 5-Days Course offers an introduction to the Steelhead Riverbed Optimization System (RiOS) with hands-on installation and configuration experience using the SteelHead appliance and deployment integration with the SteelCentral Controller for SteelHead and SteelHead Mobile. This class also provides an introduction to the SteelHead Interceptor and SteelFusion.

Course Topics

SteelHead Appliance

  • Intro to RiOS optimization
  • In-path deployment
  • Logical in-path w/ WCCPv2
  • Satellite with high-speed TCP
  • Intro to SteelHead Interceptor
  • Scaling your deployment
  • Sizing your deployment
  • Deployment troubleshooting
  • Out-of-path deployment

Edition installation

  • Mapping LUNs (VSP/Non-VSP)

SteelCentral Controller for SteelHead

  • Managing your deployment
  • SteelCentral controller forSteelHead policies
  • Deploying the SteelCentral Controller for SteelHead

SteelHead Mobile

  • Mobilizing your workforce
  • Acceleration policies
  • Integrating SteelHead Mobile

Virtual Services Platform

  • VSP & ESXi architecture
  • Deploying VM packages
  • Out-of-path deployment


  • Storage & iSCSI basics
  • SteelFusion solution overview
  • LUN configuration
  • SteelFusion Core installation
  • SteelFusion Edge Enterprise

In his Course we offer an in-depth experience of the Steelhead Riverbed Optimization System with hands-on configuration of applications and protocols using the Riverbed Steel Head product family and Steel Central Controller for SteelHead. This class provides common and advanced scenarios for layer 7 application acceleration of video, email, HTTP, terminal service environments, and storage replication protocols.

Course Outline:

  • RiOS Optimization Review
  • Data streamlining
  • Application streamlining
  • SDR modes of operation
  • RiOS control and health
  • Application Streamlining
  • Working with Windows domains
  • SSL and secure optimization Other Enterprise Services
  • File system protocols
  • Mail optimization
  • HTTP auto-config
  • Terminal services
  • Transport Optimization
  • UDP and IPv6 optimization
  • Business continuity anddisaster recovery
  • Video-stream splitting

WAN350 Implementing Enterprise Optimization Architectures

SteelHead Appliance Review

  • RiOS Optimization
  • In-path deployment
  • Out-of-path deployment
  • Serial and parallel deployment
  • SteelHead CX for virtualdeployments
  • SteelCentral Controllerfor SteelHead
  • Management and monitoring

Quality of Service (QoS)

  • Introduction to QoS
  • Basic QoS
  • Advanced QoS
  • Inbound QoS
  • Maximum TCP (MX-TCP)Transport Optimization
  • Satellite/SCPS optimization

Path Selection

  • Path selection introduction
  • Path selection and QoSVirtual In-Path
  • Policy Based Routing (PBR)
  • High-speed TCP (HS-TCP)
  • WCCP
  • SteelHead Interceptor