SecureSphere Administration and Web Application Firewall Administration. SecureSphere Administration is delivered during the first two days of class and focuses on the core knowledge required for day-to-day administration of any SecureSphere deployment. The Web Application Firewall section builds on the Admin foundation for 2 additional days of in-depth training on WAF functionality.

Imperva 4 Days Course

  • SecureSphere Administration
  • Introduction to SecureSphere
  • Modeling the Protected Datacenter
  • Configuration
  • Introduction to Policies
  • Archiving and Notification Actions
  • Alerts and Monitoring
  • Reporting
  • Administration
  • Web Application Firewall:
  • Discovery
  • Web Dynamic Profiling
  • Advanced Web Policies
  • ThreatRadar
  • External Integration with WAF
  • Tuning