Bluecoat (Symantec) Proxy and other product is leader in Proxy, Bluecoat oriented course would provide you the knowledge on Proxy and Packetshaper which would help to know in and out of Proxy and Packetshaper. Many Enterprises/Corporate/Organizations has added this Proxy and Packetshaper in their Infrastructure and Data-Center’s to enhance the Inetrnet Security and WAN performance. Bluecoat has very High credibility that is why it is a very successful Proxy and Packetshaper in Enterprises and offices. We at APLearnings provide you instructor-led (ILT), Virtual and Online class training courses that attribute a comprehensive theory lectures, hands-on Lab and optimization experience within the Bluecoat. Our Trainers are well experienced in the product and they have a vast range of knowledge on the product and course. We offer customise course as per your requirement.

Blue Coat Certified ProxySG Administrator (BCCPA) 3-Days Course

  • Introduction to ProxySG/li>
  • ProxySG Security Deployments
  • ProxySG Initial Security Configuration
  • ProxySG Management Console
  • ProxySG Security Licensing
  • Proxy Services
  • Hypertext Transfer Protocol
  • Introduction to Visual Policy Manager
  • Content Filtering and WebPulse
  • Managing Downloads
  • Authenticating users on the ProxySG
  • Authentication Realms
  • Authentication with Transparent Proxy
  • Exceptions and Notifications
  • Access Logging
  • Managing SSL Traffic
  • Basic Troubleshooting

Blue Coat Certified ProxySG Professional (BCCPP)

  • SGOS Architecture
  • Caching Architecture
  • Introduction to CPL
  • Basic CPL
  • Intermediate CPL
  • Policy Tracing
  • CPL Best Practices
  • Advanced Authentication Concepts
  • Guest Authentication and Error Handling
  • Authentication with BCAAA
  • Kerberos Authentication
  • Authentication Troubleshooting
  • Forwarding
  • SSL Advanced Topics
  • ProxySG Performance Monitoring
  • ProxySG Integration

Blue Coat Certified PacketShaper Administrator (BCPSA) 2-Days Course:

  • Blue Coat Family of Products
  • Blue Coat PacketShaper
  • PacketShaper Licensing
  • Initial PacketShaper Configuration
  • PacketShaper GUI and CLI
  • Understanding Applications on the Network
  • Analyzing Applications on the Network
  • Controlling Applications on the Network
  • Partitions
  • Policies
  • Maintaining PacketShaper

Blue Coat Certified PacketShaper Professional (BCPSAP) 2-Days Course:

  • Blue Coat PacketShaper Architecture
  • Advanced Classification
  • URL Categorization
  • Traffic Tree Management
  • Advanced Bandwidth Management
  • Understanding Adaptive Response
  • PacketShaper Reporting Tools
  • Network Management and Monitoring
  • Introduction to Intelligence Center
  • Introduction to Policy Center